ISOFA MAX Profi liquid hand washing paste

Professional liquid washing paste for hands intended for removing of the most resistant dirts from skin. It is colourless and contains only natural abrasives.

Brand: isofa

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700 g Bottle X on stock
1,7 kg GROUP on stock
3,5 kg Bottle on stock
700 g Set X on stock

​The most effective liquid professional washing paste in our range. It is intended for use in the most demanding conditions. It removes extremely resistant dirts from printing industry, paint shops, servies of heavy equipment. 

It is colourless and contains only natural abrasives.


Apply adequate amount of the product on the wet hands. Spread carefully. Rinse properly released dirts and dry your hands. We recommend to use hand cream ISOLDA Camomille with argan oil for softening of the skin.

Bottle X

is very suitable for independent use (standing somewhere nearby the washbasin) or together with a useful wall holder. In such case - order the ISOFA HARD 550 g - set X which contains one bottle and the holder. Mountage of the holder and change of the bottle is very easy. Bottle stays still on its place and use is very comfortable and nice. It is possible to replace previous system CLICK&GO! with this holder - the distance between the wholes is still the same.

Bottle COMP

The system COMP contains bottle with volume of 3,5 kg of professional liquid hand paste and it is possible to purchase also a stainless steel wall holder (with or without a lock) and a very reliable pump which willl not get stuck even during a longtime use. Such option is suitable for places, where a lot of workers are washing their hands and facility management would be too demanded with very often refilling of small trays.​

Basic information

Dimensions [w. h. d.]
Customs classification
Net / gross [kg]
700 g
9,00 x 23,30 x 5,30
0,76 / 0,77
1,7 kg
15,40 x 19,30 x 11,40
1,72 / 1,78
3,5 kg
14,30 x 30,20 x 14,30
3,64 / 3,72
700 g
9,70 x 28,00 x 6,70
0,86 / 0,88

Unit conversion

700 g
20 ks
900 ks
1,7 kg
4 ks
224 ks
3,5 kg
3 ks
117 ks
700 g
20 ks
600 ks

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