VAKAVO Glycerine hand cream with Ginkgo biloba

Light hand cream with Ginkgo biloba extract.

Brand: Vakavo

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​Light hand cream with Ginkgo biloba extract. This cream, for everyday use, is easily absorbed and leaves your skin supple. Apply an adequate amount of cream to clean skin and rub in. Repeat as needed.

This fine cream base with glycerine and Ginkgo biloba extract combines proven quality with an interesting active agent. The cream rubs in and is absorbed easily, leaving your skin supple. Active biloba agents help to tone the skin and protect it against oxidative stress.
Fine cream base with Ginkgo biloba extract.
Ginkgo Biloba is an ancient tree, which epitomises longevity. The leaves have a characteristic shape and are used in a variety of ways. The extracts of the leaves, which are particularly rich in flavonoids, are used in nutritional supplements as well as in regeneration cosmetics. The active agents help to improve the skin circulation, make the blood vessels more elastic and act to prevent oxidative stress.
Glycerine is a common ingredient used in cream bases for its moisturising and hydrating properties.

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