TONGO laundry detergent

Fulfills all required criteria of a modern laundry detergent.

Brand: Tongo

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600 g Tongo prací prášek 600 g on stock
9 kg Tongo prací prášek 3 kg on stock
15 kg Tongo prací prášek 3 kg on stock

TONGO Laundry detergent fulfills all required criteria of a modern laundry detergent, including regulations from the Ministry of Environment determining limits for phosphate use. It easily removes all kinds of smudges thanks to highly efficient mixture of enzymes and surfactants, which guarantees together with the power of active oxygen and newly with the power of active soda (sodium percarbonate) that laundry is cleaned. It also helps to eliminate mechanical dirt and gives laundry a perfect and inimitable fragrance. Tongo 2000 has been improved with the addition of an ingredient which facilitates degreasing. By reducing the amount of silicates and phosphates, the solubility of the detergent is greater. An orange essence has also been added to the original perfume. The new generation laundry detergent has definitely
- higher efficiency when washing in lower temperature
- better solubility in dosing caps
- better ecological parameters according to the regulations of the Ministry of Environment in the Czech Republic
- smaller doses thanks to higher efficiency
Directions for use:
Apply the detergent into the charging door or directly into the loading drum.

UFI U820-Y0FQ-8001-0WA5

Basic information

Dimensions [w. h. d.]
Customs classification
Net / gross [kg]
600 g
14,60 x 19,90 x 4,20
0,70 / 0,72
9 kg
24,00 x 50,00 x 14,00
9,13 / 9,51
15 kg
32,50 x 57,00 x 18,00
15,00 / 15,10

Unit conversion

600 g
14 ks
784 ks
9 kg
74 ks
15 kg
50 ks

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Hazardous properties

H315 - Causes skin irritation.
H318 - Causes serious eye damage.

Advice on safe handling

P102 - Keep out of reach of children.
P280 - Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
P302+P352 - IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water.
P301+P330+P331 - IF SWALLOWED: rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting.
P305+P351+P338 - IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
P501 - Dispose of contents/container to in accordance with local regulations.

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