ISOLDA pomegranate liquid soap

​A liquid creamy soap designed for everyday care of stressed skin.

Brand: isolda

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​A liquid creamy soap designed for everyday care of stressed skin. It provides an ideal skin care regime and is rated as the best among other products in the same price range. The special perfume ensures the cleaning effect. This creamy soap is dermatologically safe and easily degradable.

Apply a small amount of soap onto the skin and then rinse with water.
- mild fragrance
- gentle for all skin types
- dermatologically tested
- delivered in a practical bottle which can be used directly or with a holder
- packaging method guarantees that the product meets the highest hygienic and safety standards
- an easy "click and go" replacement system

Basic information

Dimensions [w. h. d.]
Customs classification
Net / gross [kg]
500 ml
9,60 x 21,20 x 4,60
0,57 / 0,59
1 l
9,40 x 29,30 x 6,70
1,03 / 1,05
5 l
18,70 x 24,10 x 14,90
5,30 / 5,30

Unit conversion

500 ml
15 ks
1260 ks
1 l
10 ks
480 ks
5 l
128 ks

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