Cleaning trolley 2 x 17 l with trash bag

Cleaing trolley for 2 buckets and a trash bag and other equipment

Brand: Ostatní

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It is composed from a resistant chrome frame, two buckets 17 l, wringler, tray and a handle. The space behind the handle is equipped with a trash bag holder and supported with a frame under the bag. In case of need, it is possible to remove the holder and the support.

The trash bag holder is completed with a lid made from solid plastic.

There is a basket for cleaning equippment fixed to the handle.

The trolly contetns also a mop support with mop hadndle holder, what enables you to transport the mop easily and it does not drop to the floor. In case of need to go through thin spaces or during storage, it is possible to remove the mop support easily.

It is possible to add a lot of further equipment to the frame or handle.


length: 93 cm (65 without the trash bag holder)

width: 60 cm (42 without the mop support)

height: 100 cm

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