CLEAMEN 633 high foaming alkaline chlorine cleaner

​Liquid foaming highly-alkaline chlorine cleaner, which forms a very thick and stable foam.

Brand: Cleamen

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Liquid foaming highly-alkaline chlorine cleaner, which forms a very thick and stable foam. This product has excellent cleaning properties, especially for quickly removing fat and protein residues in manufacturing premises. It is very good at removing stubborn dirt and stains from various work surfaces and floors. It has a wide range of applications in all branches of industry. It is most used in the food industry, such as for cleaning the outer surfaces of stainless-steel technological equipment or for daily comprehensive cleaning in manufacturing premises. It is suitable for applying using various foaming equipment or automatic foaming systems. It can also be applied to surfaces by hand. The product can be used in large industrial food-processing plants as well as in small manufacturing plants or for effectively removing organic impurities from various alkali-resistant surfaces.

Area of application
Acting time
Recommended temperature
Food industry, small manufacturing plants: surfaces of technological equipment, floors, walls
3.0 – 5.0 %
15 – 30 min.
40 – 70 ºC
General cleaning with foaming equipment: stainless-steel work surfaces, wall tiles, floors
3.0 – 5.0 %
15 – 30 min.
20 – 50 ºC
General cleaning without foaming equipment (manually): work areas, tables, wall tiles, floors
0.5 – 3.0 %
15 – 30 min.
20 – 30 ºC
Cleaning technological equipment and floors contaminated with very stubborn dirt
5.0 – 10.0 %
as needed,                    min. 15 min.
20 – 50 ºC
 pH of concentrate: 14
The agent can be used on stainless steel surfaces, ceramics and alkali-resistant plastics. Do not use on surfaces made from aluminium and non-ferrous metals.
The agent contains the following active substances (g / 100 g of mixture):
Sodium hypochlorite, active chlorine content (EC: 231-668-3): 2.4 g
Caution! Do not use together with other agents. May give off dangerous gases (chlorine).
“Before use, always read the details on the pack and the enclosed product information carefully.”

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