CLEAMEN 121 metallic polymer

A self-polishing spray designed for direct application (undiluted) on polymer and metal bases.

Brand: Cleamen

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A self-polishing spray designed for direct application (undiluted) on polymer and metal bases. The spray seals PVC and linoleums floors and leaves a high shine without polishing while also highly resistant to foot-wear. It is applied in 2 – 4 layers. It has anti-skid features and can be used in schools and public buildings. The product is very easy to apply. For subsequent maintenance, we recommend to use Cleamen 145 deepon at 20 ml/10 litre concentration.

We do not recommend using the product on tiling, wood, laminate flooring, cast flooring, marble, calcite surfaces, granite and other natural & artificial stones.
Application of new layers:
Apply undiluted product directly onto cleaned (use Cleamen 120 for cleaning), neutralized and dry surface with a washer. Always apply at least two layers and leave to dry between individual layers. Wait for the surface to dry – approx 30 min, and apply the second layer at 90° angle (perpendicularly to the first layer). Upon complete drying of the last layer, the surface can be polished by the floor circular machine with a white pad at high speed.  If using UHS machine, the shine and resistance to foot-wear will increase significantly.
Wax correction:
Apply a thin layer of wax on dry surface where the old layers removed. Then spread and leave to dry. We recommend to polish the surface using the floor circular machine at high or ultrahigh rpm.
Consumption in Litres / 100m2 of the floor area according to the number of plies
Number of plies 2 4
Consumption L/ 100m2 7 11
pH of concentrate :   8 
The perfect adhesion of metallic wax to the surface is guaranteed only upon observing the technological procedure and using the specified agents!

UFI JM30-20H2-400Y-MCN6

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P301+P330+P331 - IF SWALLOWED: rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting.
P501 - Dispose of contents/container to hazardous or special waste collection point, in accordance with local, regional, national and/or international regulation.

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